January 2019


It’s been a long time since I have felt drawn to an update, mostly because I have not had a great deal to report or comment on, and also because I really try and avoid the stress my laptop heaps upon me.

In the meantime I have been continuing with my regular art workshops, doing a little of my own painting and still dabbling in a few musical ventures, but my main energy has been focussed on my ‘book’ which I was beginning to doubt would ever come to fruition. You may remember that I have mentioned it in the past - several times - and hoped it would have been out before Christmas, although I was never sure which Christmas.

However it has finally happened, thanks to a great deal of help and encouragement from my writer friend Tony Buttler and a tremendous amount of hard work in design and production by Alan and Andy Hughes.

I started this project many years ago with another publisher then shelved it for several years after a few disagreements on marketing, logistics and related matters!

When Hughes and Co. took on the publishing some years later I don’t think any of us realized just how much work was involved, as many of the images had become scattered or disappeared completely, and those that we still had needed to be scanned and colour balanced from many different types of source material. i.e. it all had to be digitized and re-arranged to fit in with the text and new images and further text added; a daunting task! But the mountain has been scaled and I believe the climb has been worth it and the view is good. We are all happy with the result.

The book is called ‘THE COTSWOLDS AND BEYOND’ and as the title suggests is predominately a collection of my Cotswold paintings together with a ‘warts and all’ commentary on the life of a working artist including forays into graphics, design, picture restoration, music, surrealism and plate and greetings card design; in fact a potted auto biography of my meandering life in things art related.

Initially it is only available from Hughes and Co. (located behind the indoor market at Pershore) and Sedgeberrow Books in Pershore High Street, but we hope to have other outlets soon and also a book signing or two to be confirmed: one small step at a time. The retail price is £19.95.

Also watch this space for news on a new Wyrewood C.D.

Well that’s the plugs dealt with. A belated Happy New Year to you all.